Spring is just around the corner

Hey Gang! First blog ever so bare with me.  Let's keep the blogs fun, informative, positive and yes I will say it again fun!  We all need more positive and fun.  Enough negative and bad news out there. So let's give this a try...

Well spring is just around the corner and we all know what that means right?? Practice Practice Practice!!!  Lots of trips to the studio to learn steps and get ready for St Patrick's Day performances and Worlds.  This spring is full of some great feis both old and new.  We are happy to see some new ones making their first appearances this year including the Colonial feis this weekend in Virginia.  CRN is hosting their Nationals in Baltimore this weekend and happy to say expecting a great turnout.  All this news makes us really excited for what the spring will be like. I am hoping to be busy busy going to as many feis and school fittings as we can.  

As you can see from recent posts on social media, we have been clearing out all the old to welcome in some new products. This has been a great thing.  You don't know how much stuff you accumulate over time. WOW!  Hope it all finds happy homes and helps some schools and dancers in the meantime.Keep and eye out on social media for these sales.  Some of the discounts are huge! Especially if you know who (Kate) does the posting.  haha  She wants us to have lots of room for new stuff and her work bench to create and stone dresses.  This has been a great time to give ourselves a breath of fresh air. We labeled it  our Dare to be Different Campaign last year.  Why does each of us have to wear the same styles wigs/headbands/accessories etc just because we are told its the best or the hot trend.  Do we really want to see a sea of the same look on stage each time?? Dare to be your own style and look.  Pop on stage and get their attention with individuality.  It could be in hair, makeup, type of headpiece etc We are all not meant to be cookie cutter dancers.  This is supposed to be fun right?

Proud to announce that we can offer Home Try On services now as well as work one on one with Schools to design and create custom wigs. And now there are links on the store/facebook etc so you can make those requests.  Just pay the shipping and handling to and return. Then pay for what you keep. Saves you a lot of stress, time and money right? Who hates sending shoes back and forth or arguing at a feis about trying on?? 

We are restocking daily new designs in headpieces, crowns, buckles and dress bags.  Excited each day with what is coming in and what we are creating.  We still offer a great deal of custom designs so if you are looking for something special or unique. Don't see it on the store or at the feis table just reach out to one of us and let's get creating something special. 

Kate & Kyle are in process of launching Fogarty Trading Company this month. So excited to finally have a place to put the food we love and all the Craic (fun stuff) we love.  Look for the webstore lauch and specials.  Plenty of chocolate, bangers, crisps and goodies for all.  We hope to add items we find during our travels to this new store and help share some of our experiences. 

On another positive news side as well.  Our efforts to launch the FeisLife Foundation to support all the causes that we in the irish dance community hold dear and near is almost complete.  I cannot wait to get shirts and stickers out there for Mr. Chris to be able to see everyone wearing.  So far this year we have done fundraisers thru this organization to support Hurricane relief in the Southern Region, Puerto Rico and Mexico as well as supporting cancer research thru the Dragonmasters Foundation.  All I can do but to brag about how amazing we are as a group of people in the region raising money for those who need our help.  Everyone is amazing!  Not to mention we had a ball auctioning off the Disney Christmas trees at Oireachtas.

Many of you have asked about how we are doing on our races. Thank you for keeping us motivated. Ms. Cyndy needs all the push she can get!  This week marks my one year mark of getting back into fighting shape and we are still pushing towards our goals.  The crew really wants to go to Dublin this summer to run the Dublin Half Marathon so I have to meet my goals.  So if you see me at a feis and I am eating a donut or drinking too many diet cokes make sure to empty my hands tell me to hit the pavement as soon as the feis is done.   

Hugs to you all from the roadwarrior crew of Fabrince Callahans.