Boy's Split sole Reel (Jazz shoe style)

Boy's Split sole Reel (Jazz shoe style)

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For the novice to champion male dancer. Fitted with the custom-made wide heels by either Rutherford , Fays or Pacelli (depending on if you have a preference at time of order) to make nice, loud, confident heel clicks! The loudest clicks on the soft shoe stage. Used by most of the top male dancers! Sizing is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 sizes up from an American dress shoe size.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any manufacturers guarantee on this product as it has been adapted for Irish dance. The leather upper is extremely soft and susceptible to tearing if heel are clicked incorrectly. But we can say that in most cases the boys outgrow or dance the shoes thoroughly before this happens LOL....

You can allow us to send any brand in stock for your size or if you have a brand preference (Fays/Baileys; Pacelli with Concorde heels or Rutherford/Capezio with soundblasters) you can specify.  Our goal is to keep the boys dancing as fierce as ever!


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